European Union refused to designate Ansarullah as “terrorist organisation”

European Union refused to designate Ansarullah as “terrorist organisation”

The European Union’s High Commissioner for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, Josep Borrell, has announced on Tuesday, the bloc’s refusal to designate Ansarullah as a terrorist organisation.

In a speech before the European Parliament, Borrell said that the Yemen war has become “a source of instability in the entire region,” stressing the need to take decisive measures to address this situation.

Borrell pledged that the European Union “will continue working through the only way to end this crisis, which is a political solution to achieve peace and stability by consensus between the parties and the forces behind them.”

Borrell noted that the bloc fully supports the efforts of the United Nations and its Special Envoy Martin Griffiths.

He expressed his refusal to follow the decisionof former US President Donald Trump in designating Ansarullah as a terrorist organisation, indicating that this matter may lead to cutting humanitarian supplies to Yemen, and continued by saying that this decision should be criticised.

The top European diplomat also welcomed the administration of the new US president, Joe Biden, in its decision to stop his country’s support for the Saudi-led coalition’s offensive operations in Yemen.