Seventy recently freed Yemeni prisoners of war get married in mass ceremony

Seventy recently freed Yemeni prisoners of war get married in mass ceremony

he Social Care Department of the Ministry of Defence, in cooperation with the Public Telecommunications Corporation, has organised its first collective wedding for 70 liberated prisoners of the army and the Popular Committees in the presence of Mohammed Ali al-Houthi, a member of the Supreme Political Council.

At the wedding ceremony, al-Houthi congratulated the grooms, noting that the “homeland is in joy for the liberation of the prisoners and their safe homecoming.

He praised the steadfastness of the released prisoners and the exploits they made while defending the homeland on various fronts, as well as resisting the torture techniques used against them in the enemy’s prisons.

The Supreme Political Member reiterated Yemen’s position welcoming an honorable peace, based on practical steps and realistic decisions to stop the aggression and lift the siege on Yemen.

Al-Houthi ridiculed US President Biden’s statements regarding his call to stop the war in Yemen and the media noise that accompanied it, considering this call as “insincere and not real,” but done only with the aim of portraying the United States of America as a “dove of peace.”

He stressed that the Yemenis have become more aware of the US attempts, as the US is leading the Saudi-UAE coalition on their aggression against Yemen. Al-Houthi noted that the Saudi-UAE regimes cannot implement anything without a green light from the US.