Mohammed al-Houthi condemns UN Envoy’s hypocrisy on Ma’rib offensive

Mohammed al-Houthi condemns UN Envoy’s hypocrisy on Ma’rib offensive

Top member in the Supreme Political Council, Mohammed Ali al-Houthi, has commented on UN Envoy to Yemen Martin Griffiths’ briefing to the UN Security Council, in which he called for a halt to fighting in the northeastern province of Ma’rib.

“Griffiths classifies the battle as an offensive on Ma’rib despite the fact that the battle there has never stopped since the failure of the aggression countries’ and their mercenaries’ offensive on the Nihm district [east of Sana’a] until today,” Mohammed al-Houthi wrote on his Twitter account.

“The UN Envoy knows since the beginning that that the aggression countries have rejected the nine points initiative regarding Ma’rib, and are determined to go ahead with what it called the” liberation of the capital Sana’a””, he said.

Al-Houthi added that “Griffiths also knows that the aggression countries did not accept a cessation of airstrikes and an end to the siege.”

In his briefing, Martin Griffiths stressed that “the attack on Ma’rib must stop because it puts the lives of millions of civilians at risk, especially as fighting reaches the borders of camps for internally displaced persons.”

The statement has angered many in Yemen and has been received with accusations of hypocrisy, as the UN Envoy neglected to mention the role of Saudi Arabia in starting the war in the first place.