Yemeni intelligence service releases footage of arrested British spies and infiltrators

Yemeni intelligence service releases footage of arrested British spies and infiltrators

The Yemeni Security Intelligence Service (YSIS) has revealed video footage showing the interrogation of a recently-arrested British MI6 cell of Yemenis around the capital.

The video series also includes newly-disclosed images of the British intelligence officers that operate in Yemen and oversee the direction of the intelligence cell.

The recorded confessions of the accused were displayed to the court, in which they admitted to recruiting, training, spying and carrying out sabotage operations on Yemeni soil, under the supervision of a British intelligence chief at the al-Ghatdha airbase in Mahrah province.

The arrested spies met with CIA officers at al-Ghaydha airport and then worked with British intelligence officers.

According to the confessions, British and US intelligence officers were paying a sum of estimated $3000 to the spies for the collection of important information and coordinates about the liberated areas in northern Yemen.

The members of the spy cell joined the so-called Special Missions Battalion, which was led by Fayez Al-Muntasir, and took a military course. The revelations noted that the Battalion was established to attract youth from the northern provinces, in order to work with British and American intelligence in Yemen.

The US and British intelligence services and the Saudi-led coalition countries were focusing on the on the northern provinces, especially on the centres of the Yemeni Revolution in Saada and Sana’a.

The spy cell concentrated on searching for air defences and drones of the Yemeni army, in an attempt to destroy them.

The destruction of the British espionage ring and the arrest of the spies marks a major blow to British imperialist interference in Yemen.