Possible US drone strike hits al-Qaeda forces near Ma’rib

Possible US drone strike hits al-Qaeda forces near Ma’rib

A drone believed to belong to the US air force has Tuesday launched airstrikes on pro-Saudi factions, in the west of Ma’rib province.

This was reported by Yemen News Portal, based on local sources.

According to the sources, one of the airstrikes hit a car carrying fighters believed to belong to al-Qaeda, east of Wadi Nakhla, where clashes with the Yemeni army forces have been going on for days.

The death toll or identity of the victims was not known as the bodies of the victims’ torn apart.

The raid reinforces reports that the coalition has used al-Qaeda elements in its fight against Yemeni forces in Ma’rib province.

In recent days, Al-Qaeda has claimed that a number of its central leaders have been killed and wounded in fighting on the outskirts of the oil rich province.

The reason for the apparent US airstrike on pro-Saudi fighters is still unknown. However, in the past years, Saudi and Emirati forces have sometimes carried out attacks on its own mercenaries, either by mistake or due to infighting amongst its ranks.