Yemeni forces advance to 7 kilometers from Ma’rib city centre

Yemeni forces advance to 7 kilometers from Ma’rib city centre

Fighting has intensified between the Yemeni army and Saudi-led coalition forces in the north of Yemen’s strategic province of Ma’rib during the past 24 hours.

This was reported by Yemen Press Agency , based on military sources on Tuesday.

According to the military sources, the fighting has been concentrated since Monday morning on the outskirts of the city of Ma’rib, where the army and Popular Committees are trying to penetrate the city through taking full control of the Sahanl-al-Jan camp.

The Sahn al-Jan military is reportedly still under the control of the coalition forces so far. The camp has received militants from al-Qaeda as reinforcements last Thursday.

The sources said that the Yemeni army forces have advanced from the several mountain ranges of Dash al-Khashab and Dash al-Haqn towards the areas of Nakhla near the camp.

The sources confirmed that the coalition warplanes launched three air raids, targeting their own weapons stores in Sahn al-Jan.

The raids are an extension of the camp’s unloading of sophisticated weapons provided by coalition countries over the past six years, the sources said, after a large-scale transfer of many of weaponry took place in the past few days.

During the past two days, the Saudi-led invaders moved their “joint operations room” from Ma’rib city towards Al-Wadeah crossing at the border with Saudi Arabia.

The move is taken by many as an indication of the upcoming liberation of the city by Yemeni forces, which are only about 7 kilometers away from the center of the city