Ansarullah condemns US sanctions against Yemeni leadership

Ansarullah condemns US sanctions against Yemeni leadership

The Political Bureau of Ansarullah has on Wednesday condemned the recent US sanctions against a number of the movement’ leaders.

The Ansarullah Bureau said in a statement, that it considered the sanctions as contradictory to Washington’s claim of desiring peace, especially in light of the continuation of the aggression and siege on Yemen.

With regard to the fighting in Ma’rib, the Political Bureau indicated that it is one of the enemy fronts from which it has launched an operation against a number of districts of Ma’rib province and the neighbouring provinces of Jawf, Sana’a and Bayda, since these areas are “a den of al-Qaeda and ISIS, who are fighting under the umbrella of the US-backed coalition.”

The statement pointed out that “Washington’s positions provide the aggressors against Yemen with a protection umbrella to continue targeting the Yemeni people.”

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