Mohammed al-Houthi: Saudi talk of peace plan is a lie

Mohammed al-Houthi: Saudi talk of peace plan is a lie

Member of the Supreme Political Council Mohammad Ali al-Houthi, has said “no serious peace initiative has been put forward in Yemen, and all initiatives presented by our movement to bring peace to the country have been rejected.”

“All what you are observing is only propaganda in media, but there is no peace plan. There is nothing,” Mohammed Ali al-Houthi said in an exclusive interview with Sputnik News.

“We have not found any peace plan at all so far, they have not accepted the peace initiatives we have presented in a clear and stated manner. They have not been able to present real peace plans to ensure security and stability for the Yemeni people and to stop the aggression and the blockade,” he added.

Ansarullah has repeatedly called on Saudi Arabia to engage credibly with the peace initiative, which was presented by the President of the Supreme Political Council of Yemen, Mahdi al-Mashat, noting that it is the gateway to a comprehensive political process.

“We  hope that Saudi Arabia will realise that the continuation of the aggression and blockade against Yemen will not create any stability between the two neighbouring countries or to the region, but rather will cause the opposite,” Ansarullah spokesman Mohammed Abdulsalam, tweeted Saturday.

“We confirm that President Mahdi al-Mashat’s initiative is still in force, and in order to move forward in a credible manner this is the right way to engage in a comprehensive political process, “ he added