Saudis conduct airstrikes on refugee camps in Ma’rib

Saudis conduct airstrikes on refugee camps in Ma’rib

Saudi-led coalition warplanes on Tuesday  launched airstrikes targeting the camps of internal displaced persons (IDPs) in “Danat Al-Hayal” area, west of Ma’rib city, local sources reported.

The branch of the Supreme Council for Management and Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs and International Cooperation in Ma’rib province condemned the targeting of the IDP camps in Thana Valley in Serwah district by Saudi-led aggression coalition warplanes

The Council’s branch said, in a statement, that the aggression warplanes attacked  the IDP camps with six airstrikes, causing huge damages in the displaced properties and caused fear and panic among them and killing dozens of livestock and cows.

According to the statement, the Saudi-led coalition’s attacks on the camps were aimed at intimidating Yemeni refugees and forcing them to move to areas controlled by coalition mercenaries in an attempt to use them as human shields.

The statement noted that the two camps are inhabited by more than 800 families and their locations have been known since their establishment five years ago.

The statement called on the United Nations and international organizations to play their rule and to pressure on the aggression coalition countries to stop targeting camps for displaced persons, villages and populated areas.

Ma’rib province was hit by more than 40,000 air strikes during the years of aggression, which displaced thousands of families and destroyed homes, farms, infrastructure and service facilities in international silence.