Two killed and nine injured in bomb attack on UAE-backed forces

Two killed and nine injured in bomb attack on UAE-backed forces

At least two people were killed and nine others injured on Thursday, in a bomb attack targeting military commanders affiliated with the UAE-backed Southern Transitional Council (STC) in the port city of Aden.

The offensive operation targeted the convoy of the commander of the so-called Support Brigades, Mohsen Al-Wali, and the Brigades War Staff Officer, Nabil Al-Mashoshi, who were on their way to the headquarters of the Saudi-led coalition forces in Al-Buriqa area, according to local sources.

The sources explained that unidentified elements placed explosives inside a barrel on the side of the road near a garbage dump in Al-Sha`ab city, killing two and wounding nine others, while the two commanders themselves survived.

Other sources said that the attack was carried out with a car bomb.

The Support Brigades pledged a “harsh and painful response” to what they described as “terrorist elements and outlaws.”

Aden province and the rest of the occupied governorates have been witnessing bloody conflicts between the mercenaries of the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia, leaving dozens of civilians suffering under the chaos of the occupation.

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