Sana’a Airport to shut down completely due to Saudi oil blockade

Sana’a Airport to shut down completely due to Saudi oil blockade

The Civil Aviation and Meteorology Authority of Yemen (CAMA) has on Sunday announced the inability of Sana’a International Airport to continue providing navigation services to aircraft of United Nations and humanitarian and relief organisations, due to the depletion of oil derivatives.

“We are forced to close the Airport to international flights due to the depletion of oil products,” CAMA’s Undersecretary, Raed Talib Jabal, said.

Jabal indicated the airport’s inability to provide the necessary quantities of fuel needed to operate the airport to receive international flights.

Sana’a airport has been facing great difficulty in providing its needs of essential oil derivatives for two months already, he added.

The US-Saudi aggression coalition prevents the entry of ships carrying necessary oil derivatives to the port of Hodeidah, which harms movement and general activity in Yemen, including air navigation at Sana’a Airport, he explained.

He held the coalition fully responsible for closing Sana’a Airport to UN flights and stopping services there, and called for the United Nations and international organisations operating in Yemen to urgently intervene to provide oil derivatives needed to ensure the continuation of work at Sana’a Airport.