Powerful explosion targeting minister hits Aden

Powerful explosion targeting minister hits Aden

A powerful explosion had rocked the southern port city of Aden on Thursday morning, local sources said.

According to the sources, a roadside bomb exploded and targeted the Minister of Civil Service and Insurance in the Hadi government, Abdul Nasser al-Wali.

Al-Wali is known for being pro-Southern Transitional Council (STC), which is funded by the United Arab Emirates.

The source explained that the bomb was planted near the line between Al-Arish and Sheikh Othman districts.

The bomb exploded as Abdul Nasser al-Wali was passing through the area, the source added.

No casualties have been reported, one of the source said.

Aden province and the rest of the occupied governorates have been witnessing bloody conflicts between the mercenaries of the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia, leaving dozens of civilians suffering under the chaos of occupation.