Saudis conduct airstrikes on Yemen’s Sana’a

Saudis conduct airstrikes on Yemen’s Sana’a

The US-backed Saudi-led aggression warplanes have conducted a series of airstrikes on the Yemeni capital Sana’a and its nearby regions, a security official said on Sunday.

The official explained that the coalition’s aircraft carried out three airstrikes on Hafa area, two airstrikes on Sana’a international airport, and one airstrike on al-Nahda neighborhood in the district of al-Thawra in the capital Sana’a.

The official noted that two airstrikes hit Jarban area in the Sanhan district of Sana’a province.

The airstrikes caused heavy damages to civilians’ properties and nearby houses, the official added.

Meanwhile, the coalition’s aircraft bombed poultry farms for citizens in the directorate of Khamer in Amran province, with two airstrikes.