Mohammed Abdulsalam: The war was imposed on Yemen, and must be lifted by those who started it

Mohammed Abdulsalam: The war was imposed on Yemen, and must be lifted by those who started it

The head of the national negotiationg delegation, Mohammad Abdulsalam, confirmed on Wednesday that the humanitarian situation in Yemen should not be subject to bargaining or auctioning.

On the sixth anniversary of the Saudi invasion, Abdulsalam explained that “the military, moral and humane failure of the US-Saudi invasion forces is the result of the steadfastness of the Yemeni people.” He pointed out that the political efforts were able to keep pace negotiations going along demonstrating our concern for peace.

“The obstacles the political negotiations have overcome are related to the absence of a real American-Saudi desire to stop the war and lift the siege. Instead, they pass many attempts to buy time and divide the agreements,” he added.

He said that “the position of US, British and French is linked to their vision of the war on Yemen as a market for selling weapons.”

He indicated that “the failure of the aggression to achieve their goals makes them see stopping the war and lifting the siege as a loss for them.” Abdulsalam affirmed that the “solid national position and the refusal to compromise in the principled issues at the national and regional levels were among the factors that did not allow the forces of aggression to reach a solution that would satisfy them.”

The chief Yemeni diplomat pointed out that “the aggression was imposed on Yemen, and it must be lifted from those who imposed it. We presented the nine-point initiative with regard to Ma’rib, and the other side rejected it, just as it rejects the solution in Yemen in general.”

On the battle of Ma’rib, Abdulsalam said that “any front in which the army and Popular Committees advance, scare the United States, Britain and the countries participating in the aggression.” He stressed that the battle of Ma’rib is “not in the framework of negotiations.”

The negotiator stressed that the operations retaliating against the aggression and targeting the countries that attack Yemen will contribute to reaching a political solution.

He stressed that “what is required of Saudi Arabia is to stop the aggression and lift the siege, and then we can go towards building positive relations based on good neighbourliness.”

Mohammed pointed out that the continuation of the aggression and siege is “painful, but we have no choice but to confront, and confrontation is the most honourable option for us and for future generations.”