Yemeni forces have thwarted over 300 terrorist attacks since 2015

Yemeni forces have thwarted over 300 terrorist attacks since 2015

The Yemeni Ministry of the Interior has revealed security statistics for the most important achievements during the past 6 years.

During a press conference held on Saturday in Sana’a, Interior Ministry spokesman Brigadier General Abdulkhaleq Al-Ajri stated that 302 terrorist sabotage plans were detected and thwarted during the period of 2015-2021.

Al-Ajri stated that the Ministry of Interior managed to seize 9,709 criminals affiliated with the Saudi-led coalition, al-Qaeda and Daesh, as well as agents of monitoring, assassinations and explosive attack ploys.

He pointed out that during the six years, security personnel were able to seize and dismantle 1,981 explosive devices that were planted by terrorists affiliated with the coalition, as well as seizing 105,442 criminal cases and carrying out 12,048 operations to seize and recover stolen items and deliver them to their owners.

The spokesman furthermore referred to anti-drug efforts, pointing out that the Drug Enforcement Administration, in cooperation with various security units, carried out 6,110 operations against drug runners and dealers.

Brigadier General Al-Ajri pointed out that the security forces managed to thwart 291 smuggling operations of Yemeni antiquities as well.