Yemen’s military spokesman threatens Saudi regime with new strikes

Yemen’s military spokesman threatens Saudi regime with new strikes

The Yemeni Armed Forces spokesman, Brigadier General Yahya Sare’e, on Saturday revealed that the seventh year will witness the announcement of new missile systems tested at home and in the depth of Saudi-led coalition countries.

In an interview with Al-Masirah satellite channel, Brig. Gen. Sare’e confirmed that the Yemeni missile force now possesses great and advanced expertise and is currently working on developing each system separately.

“Had it not been for the September 21 revolution, America would have been able to destroy what remained of Yemen’s ballistic missiles,” Sare’e said, indicating that America was planning to remove the ballistic missile batteries and transfer them to the south and destroy them there.

He added that the blockade is “a means of the aggression coalition against Yemen and that it cannot be justified by the allegations of preventing the arrival of weapons because these weapons are manufactured inside.”

The spokesman of the armed forces affirmed that “Yemen today ranks first at the level of the Arabian Peninsula in terms of the quality and range of home-made missiles it possesses.”

He stated that the coalition targeted ballistic missile stores according to the information available to it, but it was surprised that Yemen did not rely on what it had from stocks and moved to the stage of industrialization.

Regarding the drones, Sare’e said that the armed forces built the air force from scratch as compensation for Yemen after the coalition destroyed its air force and air defenses.

He said that the army’s drones have achieved a lot for the armed forces in terms of deterring the enemy and destroying its bases and centers of government, adding that “The drones attack has become an embarrassment not only for the coalition countries, but for those standing behind them, such as the United States and others.”

The spokesman stressed that the Yemeni armed forces may resort to direct strong and painful strikes that the Saudi regime has not experienced before unless it stops its aggression and siege.