Senior pro-Saudi commander dies of Covid-19

Senior pro-Saudi commander dies of Covid-19

A senior military commander in Hadi’s forces has died of Covid-19 on Tuesday, after meeting with Saudi officers in Mahrah province, eastern Yemen.

This was reported by Yemen News Portal, based on local sources in the province.

Local sources said that Major General Abdullah Mansour al-Waleedi, the commander of the Al Ghaydah axis and commander of the 123rd Infantry Brigade, died days after he was hit by the corona virus strand.

The sources pointed that Al-Waleedi entered the hospital after meeting with Saudi officers to arrange the withdrawal of more heavy weapons belonging to Hadi forces in this province.

Al-Waleedi is the second high-ranking military commander  lost his life due to Corona.

The Saudi occupation troops are based at Al Ghaydah airport, which they turned into a military base to manage the affairs of the province, which Riyadh is seeking to extend its oil pipeline to the Arabian Sea.

The pandemic has recently spread significantly in the province, despite the blockade imposed by Saudi forces.

This also indicates that the motives for spreading the epidemic have dimensions related to a Saudi agenda there, especially as the authorities were forced to impose a partial curfew under the pretext of confronting the disease.

The curfew coincided with media reports and remarks made by former officials, who revealed  the establishment of more bases by the United States, UK and Saudi Arabia there, amid fears of a popular reaction.

Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates have recently deployed troops to the port of Nashtun, in preparation for replacing Hadi’s regular forces in the province.