Saudi-led invaders have used cluster munitions on Yemen in at least 2,500 raids

Saudi-led invaders have used cluster munitions on Yemen in at least 2,500 raids

The Director of the Executive Center for Mine Action, Brigadier General Ali Safra confirmed that “the suffering in Yemen is great and the humanitarian catastrophe is indescribable at the level of cities, farms, water wells, roads, and residential neighbourhoods polluted with remnants of the US-Saudi aggression.”

“The mined that were dropped in various areas of Yemen have represented permanent suffering and are still reaping Yemenis.They are considered to be the cause of death of dozens of children and women,” Safra said during an event held by the National Committee in corporation with Executive Mine Action Centre on Sunday.

He explained that the total number of people affected by cluster bombs is 3,709.

“We feel the magnitude of the humanitarian disaster that Yemen is witnessing, because we are in the fields polluted with remnants of aggression,” he added.

Safra pointed out that the communities affected by mines and cluster bombs are being deprived of their ability to return to their areas, even when they have become officially safe.

“When we talk about a disaster, it is not an illusion. We have statistics of 2,500 cluster bomb raids, in addition to the use of tactical weapons. There are 15 types of cluster bombs that have targeted Yemen.” he added.

The Director of the Center stated that in the field survey of 3 districts in Jawf governorate, 50,000 farms were affected by the remnants of cluster bombs put there by the aggressors.

He noted that the Mine Action Center faces difficulties in obtaining detectors and field supplies, and development and other sectors cannot operate unless the areas are removed and cleared of remnants and cluster bombs.

Safra called on the United Nations Resident Coordinator in Yemen, David Gressly, as well as international organisations to provide Yemen’s needs to save the lives of Yemenis, as the countries of the US-Saudi aggression prevent the entry of necessary supplies.