New Saudi aggressive maneuvers reported near Mocha

New Saudi aggressive maneuvers reported near Mocha

Undersecretary of Hodeidah province, Ali Qushar has on Monday revealed military movements of the Saudi-led coalition forces in Mocha city, Taiz province, as well as the transfer of military reinforcements to it.

In a statement to Al-Masirah TV channel, Qushar confirmed that Hodeidah is ready to confront any attack.

He held the United Nations and the United States of America responsible for the ongoing violations of the Stockholm Agreement in the province, pointing out that the coalition forces are constantly targeting civilian areas.

“There was a meeting a few days ago with the UN team, and they were informed of civilian sites that were targeted by coalition fire,” Qushar said.

He pointed out that free flow of oil derivative imports is one of the terms of the Stockholm Agreement, and that despite this fact, coalition forces continue trying to use these shipments as a pressure card against the Yemeni people.