Activists in Italy discuss “the forgotten war on Yemen”

Activists in Italy discuss “the forgotten war on Yemen”

On Friday, a group of activists in the city of Modena, in the north of Italy, held a conference discussing the Situation in Yemen.

The conference was organized by “La Terra dei Padri” in corporation with 12 other Italian organizations and cultural groups based in Italy.

During the conference that was titled, “Blood against gold, the forgotten war of Yemen”, Abdulsalam al-Dhahebi from Insan Onlus organization, talked about the war and the fact that Yemenis are fighting for their sovereignty.

The Yemeni people, as well as Syrian, Iranian and Iraqi people, fight against the same enemy (USA) who doesn’t want countries to be independent, he said.

Al-Dhahebi also talked about the international inaction and complicity with Saudi-led coalition aggression, either by direct profit through arms deals, as well as through silence and disregard of the war crimes committed against Yemeni civilians.

He stressed that al-Qaeda and ISIS are gangs affiliated with the US, European and Zionist coalition forces . They were defeated in Bayda and now are being besieged in Ma’rib, that is why we are hearing the screams of America and some Western countries today to defend these criminals .

He stressed that the blockade and the seizure of ships loaded with oil derivatives despite obtaining the necessary permits is a major crime committed against civilians in Yemen.

Al-Dhahebi pointed out that the struggle of Yemenis will continue until they get their sovereignty.
Moreover, Luciano Lago, a geopolitical analyst mentioned some technical aspects of the war and focused on the presence of terrorists in Yemen.

For her part, Hanieh Tarkian, said Iran helps countries like Syria, Yemen and Iraq to gain their independence,
“ It is offensive to call Ansarullah puppets of Iran,” she stated.

The speakers condemned the role European countries have in supporting Saudi Arabia by selling weapons to Saudi-led coalition countries.

They also condemned the US-backed Saudi-led coalition crimes and violations against Yemeni people in light of international and UN shameful silence.