Ansarullah condemns terrorist attack on Iranian nuclear facility of Natanz

Ansarullah condemns terrorist attack on Iranian nuclear facility of Natanz

The Ansarullah Political Bureau has condemned the terrorist attack that targeted an Iranian nuclear facility in Natanz on Sunday.

In statement issued by Ansarullah, they objected to the US and Israeli role in sabotaging Iran’s nuclear program. “America, which is armed with a nuclear arsenal for military purposes, has a criminal history using nuclear weapons and is the custodian of the Israeli enemy. They, along with thief agents orbiting it are not entitled to raise any concern about Iran’s nuclear program, which is intended for peaceful purposes.”

The statement considered Iran’s nuclear project an example of what an independent nation can accomplish when they are free from the consequences of foreign control, and called on the peoples of the region to show solidarity with each other to confront this colonial arrogance.

Earlier, an official source at the Yemeni Ministry of Foreign Affairs condemned in strongest terms the terrorist attack that targeted Iran’s Natanz nuclear facility last Sunday. In a statement to Saba, the source expressed the solidarity of Yemen with Iran in all the measures it takes to protect its lands, security and stability.

It affirmed Iran’s right to obtain peaceful nuclear technology, pointing out that this terrorist attack aims to undermine the ongoing negotiations with Iran regarding its nuclear program. The source emphasised that this act threatens security and peace in the region and the entire world.