Key al-Qaeda leader killed by Yemeni forces

Key al-Qaeda leader killed by Yemeni forces

A leader in the al-Qaeda terrorist origination was killed on Sunday in clashes around the northeastern Yemeni city of Ma’rib.

This was reported by the Yemen News Portal, based on tribal sources.

Tribal sources said that Salem Saleh Balqfal was killed along with dozens of members of the organisation while leading groups to attack a position of the Yemeni forces in Al-Mashjah, pointing out that among the dead were terrorist elements of foreign nationality.

In recent months, the group has lost several field commanders in the Ma’rib battles.

Al-Qaeda’s presence in Ma’rib has been an international concern, causing fears that the terrorist group could gain control over key oil fields in the area.

Earlier this week, India’s UN Security Council representative called for international focus on al-Qaeda activity in Ma’rib.