Dozens of Saudi-led forces shipped into Aden

Dozens of Saudi-led forces shipped into Aden

Saudi-backed forces have moved dozens of militants by sea to the southern Yemeni city of Aden, well-informed sources said.

The sources confirmed that Islah transported dozens of gunmen by boats from the coast of Ahawr in Abyan province, to the Palace of Al-Ma’asheeq in Aden.

The sources explained that the transfer of the militants came in coordination with the leadership of Saudi forces in the coalition camp in Al-Buraiqeh district.

They pointed out that the Saudi leadership directed its military official in charge of protecting the palace to secure the gunmen when they arrived on the coast of Al-Ma’asheeq in Aden.

Hussein Laqour, a leader of the Southern Transitional Council (STC ) said on Tuesday that the departure of ministers and families of leading figures in Hadi’s government from Aden “does not bode well” for the future of the city.