Israel declares state of emergency as Dimona nuclear facility comes under attack

Israel declares state of emergency as Dimona nuclear facility comes under attack

FILE - This file image made from a video aired Friday, Jan. 7, 2005, by Israeli television station Channel 10, shows what the television station claims is Israel's top secret nuclear facility in the southern Israeli town of Dimona, the first detailed video of the site ever shown to the public. The Israeli military said that a missile was fired into Israel from neighboring Syria early Thursday, April 22, 2021, and that it has struck targets in Syria in response. Earlier, air raid sirens sounded in Dimona, the Negev town that is home to Israel's secretive nuclear reactor, indicating a possible incoming attack. (Channel 10 via AP, File)

Israel has on Thursday declared a state of emergency, as the amount of reported air strikes has escalated, most recently targeting their largest nuclear reactor.

The Israeli army summoned reserve, while sirens were heard in Tel Aviv.

In the past few hours, Israel has been hit by an air attack targeting the Dimona reactor in the western Negev desert.

Zionist media reported that the attack was carried out by a missile fired from Syria, and that it landed near the larger reactor and caused damage to it.

Israel admitted that the Dimona reactor had been attacked, noting that a surface-to-air or anti-aircraft missile landed near the reactor. The Zionist entity government in its statement tried to allay Israeli concerns about the repercussions of the missiles targeting some of Israel’s most important strategic facilities.

US media had suggested Iran was behind the attack, in response to the Zionist attack on the Natanz nuclear reactor a few days ago.

This came a day after the Haaretz newspaper revealed a huge explosion at a rocket production plant in central Israel, without giving further details.

The Shimon Peres Negev Nuclear Research Center in Dimona is a large-scale nuclear installation that has been operational since 1958, and is widely reported to be a pivotal part of the Zionist nuclear weapons program. The Zionist entity of Israel is believed to possess between 80 and 400 nuclear weapons.