Giant oil carrier docks in Saudi-occupied Hadhramaut

Giant oil carrier docks in Saudi-occupied Hadhramaut

A giant oil carrier named APOLYTARES has docked on Saturday at the oil port of Daba in Hadhramaut, pro-coalition media reported, citing sources.

The sources confirmed that the reason for its anchoring is to fill more than 2 million barrels of Hadhramauti oil, indicating its capacity and the size of its cargo.
The shipment is reported to be worth $124,800,000, the sources said.

In a related context, activists on social media from Hadhramaut sparked a debate about where crude oil revenues go.

The hundreds of millions of dollars earned by Hadi’s exiled government stand in shrill contrast to the rampant food insecurity, collapse of the currency due to the high exchange rate and the total interruption of services in most of the occupied southern cities.

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