At least 45 dead in stampede during religious festival in Zionist-held Palestine

At least 45 dead in stampede during religious festival in Zionist-held Palestine

At least 45 ‘Israeli’ settlers were killed and scores of others injured, many in critical condition, in a stampede during a Jewish bonfire festival held in the north of the occupied Palestinian territories.

Tens of thousands were attending the annual Lag B’Omer festival at what has been identified as the tomb of Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai in the town of Meron in the occupied territories.

Initial reports citing Magen David Adom of the Zionist regime’s emergency services, suggested that 24 of those injured were in critical condition. Six helicopters were sent over to address the situation

Zionist Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu described the incident as a “heavy disaster.”

Later reports put the number of the injured at no fewer than 400.

A Zionist police official said that dozens of participants in a concert had “slipped, falling on those below them in the stands and causing a crushing domino effect.”

The incident took place at around 1 AM on Friday at a bonfire lighting ceremony.

Other reports said the crush was caused after “a section of stadium seating had collapsed at the event site,” alwith many being killed as a result of asphyxiation after it was set off, and others were killed being trampled upon during the stampede.

The Zionist military for its part said that a roof had collapsed at the site of the incident.

Footage recorded before the crush showed the thousands-strong participants dancing, reveling, and jumping on stands, at what the newspaper identified as, a “makeshift arena.”

A makeshift hospital is reportedly being set up in the area to address the situation.

The event was held without any regard for existing health precautions against the spread of coronavirus, including social distancing rules and prohibition of mass gatherings.

Pictures provided both during the celebration and in the immediate aftermath meanwhile, showed many attending the site without wearing facemasks.

Source: Al-Ahed News