Daesh (ISIS) emir survives assassination attempt

Daesh (ISIS) emir survives assassination attempt

The so-called Emir of terrorist organisation Daesh (ISIS) in Ma’rib province has survived an assassination attempt on Thursday, local sources reported.

The sources said that Abu Ubaida al-Marabi, Emir of Daesh in Marib, had escaped an assassination attempt when his convoy was targeted by an airstrike by a drone believed to be from the US, in the Ubaidah valley.

The targeting Al-Maribi’s convoy took place minutes after his departure from a meeting that included military commanders in the Saudi-led coalition forces. The meeting reportedly was held to discuss the participation of ISIS in joining the Saudi-led coalition forces in Ma’rib city, after Al-Qaeda announced its withdrawal from the fighting in Ma’rib.

Abu al-Qa`qa`, Emir of Al-Qaeda in Aden, announced last week that he refused to stay in the city of Ma’rib and fight in the ranks of the coalition any longer.

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