Yemeni forces beat back Saudi attack in Dhalea

Yemeni forces beat back Saudi attack in Dhalea

The Yemeni army backed by the popular committees repelled an infiltration attempt carried out by mercenaries hired by Saudi-led aggression in Dhalea province, a military source said on Saturday .

According to the source, the aggression mercenaries tried to advance towards army’s locations  in Fakher and Habil al-Abdi front, but were foiled by the army forces.

The source confirmed that the mercenaries suffered heavy losses during the attack, in which over 40 of mercenaries were killed and wounded.

Meanwhile, Saudi coalition media claimed to occupy Fakher and some other points which is not true.

Yahya al-Shobaji, a southerner military commander, was killed in battle at Fakher front alongside with two other military commanders in the 130th Brigade.