Senior al-Qaeda leader killed in Ma’rib

Senior al-Qaeda leader killed in Ma’rib

A prominent Emir in al-Qaeda was killed on Monday by an unknown drone strike in Ma’rib province. This was reported by Yemen Press Agency, based on local sources .

According to the sources, Sheikh Ali Hassan bin Ghraib, a supporter of al-Qaeda operatives in Wadi Obeida areas, was killed by a drone strike.

The sources confirmed, that Bin Ghraib was targeted by a drone with two missiles during a meeting with military leaders of al-Qaeda at his farm in Al Shabwanarea in Wadi Obeida,

The meeting was discussing the request of coalition forces to release the Saudi commander who was kidnapped along with his companions two days ago by al-Qaeda elements.

On Sunday, the commander of the joint operations of the coalition forces in Ma’rib province held a telephone conversation with Sheikh Mohammed Ali bin Ghraib, demanding the speedy release of the Saudi commander and his companions.

On March 14th, Sheikh Bin Ghraib first called on coalition forces to open all fronts in order to ease pressure on Ma’rib.