Two public figures opposed to UAE occupation abducted in Aden

Two public figures opposed to UAE occupation abducted in Aden

Two political leaders opposed to the UAE-backed Southern Transitional Council (STC) have been kidnapped on Monday in the center of Aden city, southern Yemen.

A press release issued by the so-called Revolutionary Movement Council confirmed the disappearance of a member of the movement’s Executive Committee in Aden, the legal advisor Alaa Al-Quba.

The release indicated that Al-Quba went out after dawn and did not return to his home, and held the security authorities fully responsible for his disappearance.

The Revolutionary Movement called for the governor of Aden, who is affiliated with the STC, to urgently intervene in order to release Al-Quba.

In another incident, the STC militia abducted Revolutionary Movement leading figures Madram Abu Siraj, after a meeting at the Coral Hotel where he met with an international organisation dealing with issues of resolving conflicts around the world.

Head of the Revolutionary Movement Council, Fouad Rashid, considered the kidnapping of Abu Siraj “a dangerous sign that heralds the deterioration and aggravation of political life in Aden.”

Rashid held the STC fully responsible for the life of Abu Siraj, calling on all political and civil forces “to condemn such repressive acts.”

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