Yemeni Media Union asks for investigation into Saudi targeting of Yemeni media and journalists

Yemeni Media Union asks for investigation into Saudi targeting of Yemeni media and journalists

The Yemeni Media Union had called for the formation of an independent international investigation committee to look into the crimes committed by the US-Saudi aggression against the press and media in Yemen, and to bring all those involved to face international courts.

In a statement on the occasion of World Press Freedom Day, which falls on May 3, the Union indicated that the war of aggression against Yemeni journalists and media professionals is still continuing.

“The violations committed by the forces of the Saudi-led coalition against the media and the media professionals during the past six years amounted to 584,” the statement reads. “The number of martyrs of the national media as a result of the aggression’s air strikes on the homes of journalists reached 74, and the martyrs of the military media reached 290, in addition to 25 wounded.”

Regarding media facilities, the statement stated that 23 media facilities were directly targeted, which resulted in their destruction, in addition to the targeting of 30 broadcasting towers, cloning of six channels and websites, stopping of eight channels, the blocking and disrupting of seven channels and the infiltration of three news sites.

Meanwhile, two official newspapers stopped publishing and 143 Arab and foreign journalists have been prevented from reaching Yemen.

“The continuation of the air, land and sea blockade imposed by the forces of the aggression on Yemen has led to the death of a number of media professionals, due to their inability to travel abroad,” the Union confirmed.

The YMU pointed out that the forces of the aggression prevented representatives of Arab and foreign media from visiting Yemen, with the aim of covering up the violations they have committed, and reducing the impact of the national and humanitarian media message on society and international public opinion.

“These documented crimes and violations confirm that the aggression coalition does not care about the customary rules of war, and does not take into account international humanitarian law and the international convention on the safety and independence of journalists and media professionals,” it added.

The Yemeni Media Union condemned the international silence towards the continuation of the US-Saudi aggression, which has furthermore cut the salaries of journalists working in media and press institutions under their control.