Mass rallies held across Yemen to mark International al-Quds Day

Mass rallies held across Yemen to mark International al-Quds Day

The Yemeni capital of Sana’a and a number of Yemeni provinces have on Friday witnessed major mass rallies on the occasion of International al-Quds Day under the slogan “Al-Quds is closer”.

The mass crowds at the rally raised Palestinian flags and slogans, confirming that Palestine is the central cause of the Yemeni people as well as the Arab and Islamic nation.


The participants emphasised that the celebration of International al-Quds Day is an affirmation of the unity of the nation towards the Palestinian cause, and a direction of the compass of hostility towards the Zionist enemy that has usurped the Islamic lands and holy sites in Palestine.

They also affirmed the continued steadfastness of the Yemeni people in confronting the Saudi-led aggression coalition, and their position in support of the Palestinian people as a firm and principled position based on their identity of faith.

The marchers condemned the rush of some Arab regimes to normalise relations with the Israeli enemy, considering such a move an official proof of them joining the ranks of the enemies and becoming a public betrayal of the nation.

A statement issued during the rally called on the Palestinian forces and factions to achieve national reconciliation, unity of ranks and cohesion of the home front in order to confront the Israeli enemy.