Zionist forces attack airstrikes on Gaza Strip

Zionist forces attack airstrikes on Gaza Strip

The Israeli occupation army has launched aireal attacks targeting positions belonging to Palestinian Islamic resistance movement Hamas in the southern Gaza Strip.

Local sources on Sunday reported the airstrike of Zionist regime in the southern Gaza Strip.

The Israeli army in a statement claimed that fighter jets of the Zionist regime targeted a Hamas military base in southern Gaza Strip, the Jerusalem Post reported.

Zionist media say that a rocket fired from thebGaza Strip has hit Eshkol area in Palestine.

On Saturday evening, dozens of Gaza residents who had gathered in the east of Gaza citynnear the border area with the occupied lands and territories in order to protest the escalation of the Zionist regime’s attacks on Al-Quds and its sanctuaries, were attacked by Zionist forces.

Dozens of Palestinians were suffocated by Zionists’ tear gas, and three others were injured by plastic bullets.

Zionist military forces also detained several Palestinians and wounded at least 17 in a night raid on the Bab al-Amoud area.