Bernie Sanders criticises continued US support for Netanyahu

Bernie Sanders criticises continued US support for Netanyahu

US Democrat senator Bernie Sanders has on Friday denounced his country’s support for a right-wing government in Israel, rather than bringing the people of the region closer together.

“The role of the United States should be to bring the peoples of the region together, not simply to support a right-wing Israeli government,” Sanders tweeted.

“As President Biden considers his choice for Ambassador to Israel, I encourage him to choose someone who can represent our country in an even-handed way, and who can engage not only with Israel but with the Palestinians as well,” he added in a second tweet.

A few days ago, the US announced that it intended to appoint a new ambassador to Israel in the coming weeks, the Jerusalem Post reported, citing the White House’s statement.

The current US ambassador to Israel, David Friedman, is known for his closeness to former President Donald Trump, and has already caused great anger among the Palestinian leadership over his apparent bias toward Israel and his call to replace Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas with the dismissed and disgraced Fatah politician and Zionist collaborator Mohammed Dahlan.

Moreover, the US has not issued any statement in the two closed-door sessions held last Monday and Wednesday on the brutal Israeli attacks on the Gaza Strip and the al-Aqsa Mosque in the occupied city of al-Quds (Jerusalem).

According to UN diplomats, the US has furthermore refused to hold an emergency session of the Security Council on Friday.