Yemen Meida Union condemns Zionist targeting of Palestinian media and journalists

Yemen Meida Union condemns Zionist targeting of Palestinian media and journalists

The Yemeni Media Union (YMU) has condemned the brutal attacks and violations carried out by the Israeli occupation army against worshippers in the al-Aqsa Mosque and Sheikh Jarrah neighbourhood in al-Quds (Jerusalem), and denounced the targeting of media organisations in Palestine.

The Yemeni Media Union said in a statement that the Israeli enemy has targeted buildings and residential neighbourhoods in Gaza City, including the targeting of the Al-Jawhara Tower  on Tuesday  directly with several air strikes.

The tower houses more than 10 media offices belonging to Palestinian, Arab and international channels, including the offices of the National Information Agency, The Palestine Newspaper and Arab channels, including Aletejah TV, Alkofiya TV, Nujaba TV, AlMamlaka TV Syrian TV, the local APA agency, Sabq24 and the Palestinian Media Forum, the statement explained.

The statement stressed that the Israeli enemy’s targeting of media professionals, media organisations and their offices in Palestine is a flagrant violation of international conventions that ensure the protection of media and media dignitaries in conflict and war zones.

The YMU called on all media organisations, human rights movements and institutions concerned with freedom of opinion, expression, rights and freedoms, foremost among them the Human Rights Council and the International Federation of Journalists, to condemn the crimes committed by the Israeli enemy against media in Palestine

“The targeting of the media aims to cover up the crimes and violations committed in the Gaza Strip and the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood of al-Quds (Jerusalem), the capital of the Palestinian state,” the statement read.

The statement pointed out that the same people who have been killing Yemeni people since six years ago, are the ones who are killing the Palestinian peope, in an effort to shut down all the voices against the Zionist-American project in the region.

The Union also called on all national media to stand together in support of the Palestinian cause and engage with the Axis of Resistance in order to “bring people together for one issue which is pulsating with a renaissance project that exposes its enemies and restores the nation’s pride and dignity.”