Chile: Dozens rally in Santiago in support of Palestinians

Chile: Dozens rally in Santiago in support of Palestinians

Large protests were held in solidarity with the Palestinians and in protest of the Israeli aggression on Gaza and Jerusalem around the world.

In Chile, protesters gathered in the Plaza, the main square of Santiago, to demand an end to the Israeli airstrikes that killed over hundred of Palestinians and destroyed  several high-rise buildings and houses  in the Gaza Strip .

The protesters waved flags and displayed messages in solidarity with the Palestinians.

They condemned  the Israeli massacre in Gaza in strong words and  demanded  the intervention of the international community to stop the “crimes” of Zionist forces.


Santiago police used  water cannon to disperse the rally held despite a ban by authorities.

On Sunday, The Ministry of Health in Gaza  said that the death toll  from the Israeli aggression  climbed to 188 civilians, including 55 children and 33 women.

It added that 1230 civilians were wounded in the Israeli continuous aggression on the besieged enclave.  This was reported by Quds News Network.

Last night, the Israeli army shelled all areas throughout Gaza with hundreds of air raids, making it the most aggressive night during the aggression and bombarding buildings on the heads of entire families.