Zionist forces conduct heavy airstrikes on Gaza Strip

Zionist forces conduct heavy airstrikes on Gaza Strip

The Israeli occupation forces in the early hours of Monday launched over 100 airstrikes targeting separate areas of Gaza City, Palestinian media reported,

According to the Palestinian media, the Zionist warplanes launched over 50 raids at 2:00 AM only within 10 minutes, targeting main streets, security headquarters and resistance sites, in addition to targeting empty lands, and the violent bombing resulted in power cuts to large parts of the Besieged Gaza Strip.

The Gaza municipality stated that the Zionist enemy deliberately targeted roads and destroyed infrastructure through continuous raids.

In retaliation, the Palestinian resistance responded by launching salvos of rockets targeting the settlements of the Gaza envelope.

The Israeli occupation army continued its widespread aggression on the Gaza Strip for the 8th day in a row, killing about 200 civilians and injuring over 1250 others.