Egyptian forces arrive in Sudan for joint military exercises

Egyptian forces arrive in Sudan for joint military exercises

Sudanese military media has announced on Friday the arrival of Egyptian ground troops, air fighters and military vehicles in Khartoum.

According to a statement issued by the Sudanese military media, all preparations for a start of the joint military exercise between the Sudanese and Egyptian armies, called “Protectors of the Nile”, during the period, May 26-31 have been completed.

According to the statement, elements of all units of the two armies will participate in the joint exercise project.

“The Egyptian forces participating in the project arrived at Khartoum Air Base, along with columns of ground forces and vehicles, arriving by sea,” the statement said.

The “Protectors of the Nile” military exercises are an extension of joint training cooperation between the two countries and aim to exchange military expertise, strengthen cooperation and unify working methods to address expected threats, according to Sudanese military media.

Egypt and Sudan signed a military cooperation agreement on the sidelines of Egyptian army chief of staff Lieutenant General Mohamed Farid’s visit to Khartoum.