UAE-backed occupation force on Socotra bans peaceful protests

UAE-backed occupation force on Socotra bans peaceful protests

The so-called Southern Transitional Council (STC), which is backed by the UAE, has prohibited the activities of a peaceful sit-in committee in Socotra province.

A statement issued Saturday by the STC security committee said that the peaceful sit-in committee “represents a danger to the social fabric, establishes a culture of hatred for neighbouring countries and harms Socotra’s relationship with Saudi Arabia and the UAE.”

“By following up the committee’s activities in Mahrah province, it became clear that it is hostile to the orientations of the coalition countries led by Saudi Arabia and the UAE,” the statement added.

This comes after a series of violations committed by the STC against the peaceful sit-in committee in Socotra, the most recent of which was the kidnapping of the committee’s leading member Ali Suleiman bin Malik, Sheikh of Dixom, in the island.

The STC has been trying to subjugate the residents of Socotra island to the Emirati colonial project since it took control of the archipelago in June 2020.