Official in Saudi-led puppet government survives assassination attempt

Official in Saudi-led puppet government survives assassination attempt

A local official loyal to the Saudi-led coalition has on Wednesday survived an assassination attempt in Taiz province, southwest Yemen.

Media sources affiliated with the coalition reported that gunmen loyal to the tribal sheikh Rashid Al-Ma’mari have shot the Director of the Transport Office in Al-Shamayatayn district, Mohammed Al-Naqeeb.

The gunmen set up an armed ambush for Al-Naqeeb at Bani Omar Junction in Al-Safia area. However, the director was not harmed in the attack, the sources explained.

The sources added that the gunmen managed to flee after the attack to an unknown destination.

In the same context, one citizen was killed and two others were wounded in gunfire involving militants affiliated with the Islah Party in the same province.

The sources affirmed that that an armed group led by Shuaib Khalil Abdullah Abdo, the so-called Brigade 145, attacked the village of Bani Hammad in Monday, killing a citizen named Bassam Abdo Ali Al-Arifi and injuring two others.

The sources indicated that the attack came a day after a quarrel broke out between the victim and members of the armed group, against the background of their harassment of a girl from Bani Hammad’s village.