Oxfam official killed in gunfire near Aden

Oxfam official killed in gunfire near Aden

Humanitarian organisation Oxfam, which is operating in Yemen, said that one of its officials was killed while on his way to the city of Aden in southern Yemen.

Oxfam said that Fathi Mahmoud Ali Salem Al-Zariqi, chief logistics officer for the humanitarian response programs at the organisation’s office in Aden, died on Tuesday of being wounded in a shooting attack near a checkpoint while he was on his way to Aden.

The organisation indicated that Fathi, a Yemeni, aged 42, was traveling with another colleague when he was caught in an exchange of fire at a checkpoint. All of the travelers were wounded and taken taken to hospital, where Fathi died.

The driver is still in intensive care and is in stable condition so far. The other employee of Oxfam has also been discharged from the hospital.

Gabriela Boucher, Executive Director of Oxfam International, said: “It is a matter of great sadness that a colleague was lost, especially in such difficult circumstances. Our colleague was working in his homeland for a humanitarian cause, trying to provide assistance to the people of his country.”

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