Mohammed Abdulsalam meets with Swedish Foreign Minister

Mohammed Abdulsalam meets with Swedish Foreign Minister

The head of the Yemeni national negotiating delegation, Mohammed Abdulsalam has on Wednesday met with the Swedish Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ann Linde, in the Omani capital of Muscat.

Abdulsalam said that “During the meeting, we emphasised that the unjust siege on Yemen violates international humanitarian laws.”

He went on to say that access to medicine and oil derivatives is the right of the Yemeni people, even in war conditions, stressing that the lack of seriousness in humanitarian requirements proves lack of seriousness in others.

Abdulsalam welcomed any efforts to lift the siege and pave the way for reaching comprehensive ceasefire negotiations.

For her part, Ann Linde said in series of tweets that she talked about the humanitarian situation, a potential ceasefire and the political process.

“Parties should engage with UN without preconditions for ending the war,” Linde affirmed.

She went on to say there is unified international support to back the United Nations’ proposal for a ceasefire, humanitarian measures and a political process, with space for a comprehensive political dialogue should be allowed with broad international support, and stressed that Yemen needs more humanitarian relief to end the suffering of civilians.

About her visit to the UN-supported project “A Profession in My Hand” in Mukalla, Linda said that “These projects provide livelihood opportunities for many women,” and affirmed that the international supporters of Yemen should find sustainable solutions, invest in human development and enhance the role of women in the Yemeni political process.

Linde described Yemen as a beautiful country, saying that this is her second visit in the midst of the humanitarian crisis that the country is going through as a result of the war.

She added: “I am pleased to meet with the Yemenis in order to discuss the ongoing peace efforts led by the United Nations,” noting the strong support provided by Sweden and the European Union to Yemen.

The Swedish Foreign Minister furthermore expressed her happiness to meet with Omani Foreign Minister Badr Al-Busaidi in order to discuss the Omani mediation efforts in Yemen and the ways to enhance regional dialogue.