Local woman abducted by UAE-backed mercenaries in Aden

Local woman abducted by UAE-backed mercenaries in Aden

Gunmen believed to be affiliated with the UAE-backed Southern Transitional Council (STC) have kidnapped a woman in the southern port city of Aden, local sources said.

The abduction came a day after military forces occupied a piece of land belonging to the kidnapped woman’s family in the city.

According to the sources, gunmen kidnapped Mona Hashim Ismail last Friday, a day after security crews broke into a piece of land owned by her husband Wahid Saeed Kulaib .

The husband blamed the security services in Aden for the kidnapping of his wife and demanded that she reveal her fate.

Mona Hashem works for a civil society organisation in Aden, and the kidnapping shocked the Aden population.

Aden and other southern provinces have been witnessing assassinations and security disorder, ever since United Arab Emirates occupation forces took control over the city.