Protesters rally in Taiz against Saudi-led occupation

Protesters rally in Taiz against Saudi-led occupation

The occupied city of Taiz, in southwest Yemen, witnessed on Thursday massive mass rallies denouncing corruption and calling for the dismissal of the local authority, holding the corrupt accountable, and improving the economic situation.

Hundreds of citizens participated in marches in Jamal Street, to protest the spread of corruption, the deterioration of basic services in the city, and the failure of the local authorities.

The demonstrators raised banners calling for the dismissal and trial of all corrupt leaders affiliated with Islah Party in the local authority.

They also demanded the provision of all services, a price control on basic commodities, and the trial of revenue looters.

In the same context, protesters also set up a tent in front of the local authority building, in preparation for the start of a peaceful open sit-in protest until all their demands are met.