Fighting renews in full ferocity near Ma’rib city

Fighting renews in full ferocity near Ma’rib city

Fighting renewed north of Ma’rib city on Sunday, with Yemeni army forces on the one hand and Saudi-led coalition forces and Al-Qaeda militants on the other, after a lull that lasted for several weeks.

According to local sources, the army and Popular Committees repelled a large-scale military attack, carried out by the coalition forces and Al-Qaeda, on the areas of Malbouda, Al-Atif and Jabal Al-Haqin, while another attack was aimed at a regional pipeline.

The sources confirmed that the army forces were able, after violent battles, to implement a successful counterattack against the coalition forces by advancing from their positions in Hamat Al-Diyab and Al-Sahida.

The coalition forces suffered heavy losses during the confrontations, in which dozens were killed or wounded, the sources added.

At the moment of publication, battles were still raging between the two sides, according to the same sources.