UAE-backed militia holds military parade in Hadhramaut

UAE-backed militia holds military parade in Hadhramaut

The UAE-backed Southern Transitional Council (STC) factions in Hadhramaut province, eastern Yemen, on Wednesday carried out a military parade as the assembly’s parliament began holding its meeting in Aden, Yemen News Portal reported.

The move indicates that the STC has begun reactivating pre-unification of Yemen camps in the oil province, is moving deep into its opponents’ strongholds.

The Coastal Defense Brigade, led by the major general Faiz al-Tamimi conducted a military parade in Qarat Al-Fars area, which lies border between Shabwah and Hadhramaut provinces, according to the pro-STC media.

The Brigade’s location overlooks an oil field in Sector 49 near Adh Dhlia’ah district

The sources pointed out that the deployment in this area, which was contained a camp for the forces of the south in the 1994 war came at the request of the commander of the second military region Faraj al-Bahsani, who also holds the post of governor of Hadhramaut.
Al-Bahsani plays the role of “double agent” by keeping his relations balanced with all local and regional forces.

The timing of the military action comes in parallel with a political escalation of the STC, which is holding a session of its national assembly, parliament, as part of the arrangement for what it described as the “restoration of the state”.