Yemen condemns US censorship against Al-Masirah

Yemen condemns US censorship against Al-Masirah

The Yemeni Ministry of Human Rights has issued a fiery condemnation of recent US censorship measures against Yemeni news agency Al-Masirah.

In Tuesday, US authorities carried out a massive crackdown on around three dozen online domains of news agencies, seizing the domain names and displaying FBI notifications on the sites. There has been little to no information forthcoming on the reason why suhc crackdown was launched.

Websites targeted by the US censorship include the English sites of Iranian news agencies such as Press TV, but also Yemeni broadcaster Al-Masirah.

The Human Rights Ministry called the crackdown a “clear suppression and violation of freedom of opinion and expression,” and pointed out that Al-Masirah has always played a major role in unmasking the crimes of the Saudi-led invasion against Yemen.

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