Yemeni children denounce UN role in facilitating Saudi crimes against minors

Yemeni children denounce UN role in facilitating Saudi crimes against minors

Children from the Yemeni city of Dahyan, located in the Saada province, have organised a rally to condemn the United Nations’ involvement in the continued murder of Yemeni children.

The rally was held in the place where the Dahyan school bus massacre took place on 9 August 2018, with participants chanting slogans against the UN alignment with the coalition of aggression.

A statement was issued after the rally, labelling the UN decision to include Ansarullah on the blacklist of “violators of children’s rights” while leaving Saudi Arabia off of it, as a “violation of international and humanitarian rights, and a scandal in which the UN has been involved.”

The statement further stressed that “the US-Saudi coalition of aggression has been killing and displacing the children of Yemen, and is being covered by the UN.”

“The Dahyan bus massacre, among many others, won’t go in vain,” the statement read, calling on all free people to expose the UN and its shameful stances towards humanity in Yemen and the world.

It also hailed the sacrifices made by the heroes of the Yemeni Army and the Popular Committees in defending the nation, and urged all of the free people in the world to stand by Yemen in the struggle to lift the siege and stop the aggression.

On August 9th, 2018, the coalition of Saudi-American forces of aggression targeted a Yemeni bus full of schoolgoing children with an airstrike, killing 26 innocent children and wounding 19 others in the crowded Dahyan market.