Employees of Austrian oil company abducted in Shabwah

Employees of Austrian oil company abducted in Shabwah

Three employees who worked for a foreign oil company were kidnapped by unknown assailants in Shabwah province, southeastern Yemen.

This was reported by Yemen News Portal, based on local sources on Sunday.

Local sources said that three workers of the Austrian company OMV were kidnapped by unknown gunmen, and taken to an undisclosed destination.

The employees are working in sector S2 in Arma District.

No one has claimed responsibility for the abduction, but its timing may carry dimensions related to the oil conflict between local parties.

The abduction comes days after Hadi’s government threatened to resume the work of oil and gas companies in the province, which acquires and operates the most important energy facilities in the province, for the benefit of its own account.

The kidnapping was the second in less than a week after al-Qaeda, which has redeployed to the oil province, previously kidnapped a criminal investigation officer and his companions.

LAl-Qaeda demanded the release of some of its imprisoned leaders in exchange for the release of the soldiers.

The abductions come amid escalated tension between pro-coalition factions that are trying to use foreign companies to settle regional calculations in the province