Islah Party accuses UAE-backed separatists of being behind wave of assassinations in Aden

Islah Party accuses UAE-backed separatists of being behind wave of assassinations in Aden

The head of the Yemeni Islah Party, Mohammed Al-Yadoumi, has accused the UAE-backed Southern Transitional Council (STC) leaders of being behind the assassination of Islah activist Bilal Mansour Al-Maisari in Aden city.

In a statement, Al-Yadoumi denounced the silence of the STC authorities on the assassination of Al-Maisari on Wednesday in Aden.

“We did not hear or see any reaction from the brave security men or the governor of the province, as if the person who was killed, who was assassinated, was not a citizen and as if the state agencies have no responsibility towards him,” he said.

Al-Yadoumi continued, “This deafening silence raises more than one question mark. Either the perpetrator is known to them and they fear his conviction, or even just pointing the finger at the murderer; or they acknowledge this type of crime and naturally coexist with it.”

On Wednesday, unknown gunmen assassinated activist Bilal Al-Maisari, who worked in the Saba Islamic Bank, right in front of his house in Al-Mansoura district, in the center of Aden.

In a previous statement, the Islah Party called on the international community, the United Nations and the UN Security Council to form an international committee to investigate the crimes of assassination that have been taking place in the city of Aden between 2016 until today, and to prosecute the perpetrators as war criminals.

The Islah Party defected to the side of the Saudi-led invaders in 2015, but has nevertheless since been marginalised and even persecuted in many areas of occupied Yemen. The situation for Islah is particularly dire in areas under control of Emirati-backed mercenary groups.

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